Tuesday, October 25, 2011

breathless n cold.

di malam yg sunyi ini.....
x taw nk ckp pe yg aku rase.....ia bukan x cukup udara utk bernafas, dan bukan jga m'punyai masalah pernafasan.....benda mmg ssh nk d gambar kn apetah lg nk d kata kan.
knp perlu utk rse kn itu... jika itu m'yakitkn...
jika sakit perlukah tersenyum...adakah itu membahagia kn? jika ya, aku akan ketawa..
knp ssh nk rse pe yg lain rse.. adakah ia sukar atau tidak mungkin.. hidup hanya sekali.. perlu kah utk membiarkan ia berlalu.... dan menjadikan nya kosong.. pernahkah rase hidup itu kosong??? mungkin kita akan perasan bila tiada ape2 yg hendak kita kongsikan..
bukan utk menyalah kn takdir..suka atau benci kita perlu menerimanya..
pernahkah rase bila sunyi tiada siapa menemani?bila berkata-kata tiada siape mendengar?bila senyum tiada siapa membalas?bila sedih tiada siapa menepis airmata?
bila gembira tiada siapa ketawa bersama..
tidak ssh utk kecapi kebahgiaan, jika kita sedia utk menanggong keperitan..
bahgiakah kita bila yg lain bahagia???jika tidak, buat2 la bahgia.
seperti tanggisan dlm senyuman..
seandainya tidak layak menerima bahagia itu, cukup la memberi ruang utk bernafas dlm tenang.. aku yakin pada jnji nya.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Agnes Monica
Birth name Agnes Monica Muljoto
Also known as NEZ, Agnes Monica
Born July 1, 1986 (age 23)

Origin Jakarta, Indonesia

Urban pop
Hip Hop

Occupations Singer, dancer, actress, producer, songwriter

Vocals, pianists
Years active 1995-present
Aquarius Musikindo, Indonesia

Website official Site

Agnes Monica (born Agnes Monica Muljoto on July 1, 1986) is an Indonesian pop singer, dancer, actress, songwriter, and producer Her career started when she was only 6 years old.
Her album "..And the Story Goes" (2003) made her popular as a teenage singer.[1] It was a big success in Indonesia with the singles "Bilang Saja", "Jera" and "Cinta Mati". The album sold 30.000 copies in only 3 days and eventually got double platinum. In 2005 she released her second album "Whaddup A.. '?!" with the hit single, "Tak Ada Logika". It sold 50,000 copies in 10 days and went to triple platinum (with no album promotion in Malaysia). Her third album was "Sacredly Agnezious" (2009), with the hit single, Teruskanlah.[2] Her biggest hit to date is "Matahariku".
Her success brought her fame not only in her homeland, Indonesia, but also in neighboring Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines and even in the Netherlands in Europe. Her performance at the 2008 Asia Song Festival in Seoul, Korea, led her to fame in Taiwan, Korea, China and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region. She is the only singer in Indonesia who has her own dance group called, Nezindahood, who always perform with Agnes on stage.[3] In 2009, she began planning to launch her international career, and started taking Mandarin lessons. A result of this was her role in two Taiwanese drama series, "Romance in the White House" with Peter Ho, and "The Hospital" with Jerry Yan.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

a way to look simple and nice in a cardigan

Put a pin on it
Don’t let that broom fool you: Brooklynite Jean turned a “wear-around-the-house” sweater into a cozy going-out look by topping it off with a tiny vintage brooch. Cinderella would be proud.

a way to look fit in a cardigan

Tie one on (a scarf that is)
To dress up the office cardigan—you know the one you wear every Monday, Wednesday and Friday—swap out the necklace for a warm, Frenchy-looking patterned scarf. Just don’t be surprised if folks mistake you for a Parisian. (Want to find out how to tie your scarf the same way that Nicole from Brooklyn did? Then don’t miss this video on

a way to look cute in a cardigan

Pull a Betty Draper
If twinsets and cardigans remind you of sweet ’60s styles, then just go for the full-on look. There’s never been a better time to indulge your retro-loving side, thanks to Mad Men and a few trendy Hitchcock-worshipping designers. Scour your favorite vintage stores and score an old-school dress and cardi just like Aya from Freedom, Indiana, did.

a way to look modern and stylist in a cardigan

Don’t be afraid of color
While the basic-black cardigan is a total must, bright cheery versions add a much-needed jolt of sunshine to winter wardrobes. To get into the season’s playful mix-and-match vibe, take cues from Wiksten’s Jenny, who paired her cherry-red cardigan with a plaid scarf and printed bag. Fun!

a way to look elegance in a cardigan

Get crafty
Can’t find any store-bought sweater to satisfy your whimsical side (or recession-friendly budget)? Embellish it yourself! Add an expensive-looking ruffled edge to any basic cardigan by sewing on a strip of pretty fabric from a nearby craft store. For more DIY ideas, check out Kayte Terry’s book